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The Author

Bill Norvell was raised in an upper middle class home in Florence, Alabama. Bill graduated from the University of Alabama without receiving any academic honors. He was an above average student throughout his educational career. He retired after working thirty-five-years in the insurance claims business.

Three unlikely events inspired Bill to write a novel.

#1 He met a female victim of domestic abuse and family rejection.

#2 He attended a funeral service in Theo, Mississippi. Every person at the service appeared genuine.

#3 He read a book titled Outliers.

Bill felt compelled to bring attention to domestic abuse and family rejection while stressing the crucial importance of unconditional friendship. He decided to test the concept outlined in the best selling book written by Malcolm Gladwell. The theory was that hard work plus opportunity would equal success. Mr. Gladwell  stressed a ten-thousand-hour rule. Bill worked in excess of ten-thousand-hours to complete his first novel.

Bill is a lifelong sports fan who loves meeting new and interesting people. He enjoys a fascination with the Chinese culture and their passion for gambling. Bill used a sports theme to convey a powerful message on some perplexing issues. He wanted to discover if an ordinary person, after devoting the required effort, could write a best selling novel. The end result was DOWN BUT NOT OUT. 

Bill lives with his wife Anne, and their blue tick coonhound Maggie in Florence, Alabama. He is a father to two wonderful sons and grandfather to two beloved granddaughters.

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